How to upload a GEDCOM from Ancestry to GEDmatch

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Export your tree

Log into Ancestry and open the tree you want to export. From the tree view, click the name of the tree in the top left corner to reveal a drop down menu. select “tree settings.”

The right side of the tree settings page is titled “Your home person in this tree.” If you don’t see your name or your DNA tester’s name here, click “change” and select yourself (or the DNA tester you want to attach in GEDmatch) in the tree.

Further down in this right hand column is a section called “manage your tree.” Under this is a green button that says “export tree.” Click this button, and Ancestry will generate a GEDCOM file. when it is done, a new green button will appear that says “download your GEDCOM file.” Click the button and save the file where you can get to it shortly!

Upload your tree to GEDmatch

Log into GEDmatch. On the main page, look in the right hand column for the header “Family Trees (also known as GEDCOMs).” Click on Upload GEDCOM (Fast).

Give your tree any name you want. You can use your real name, your alias, or something else entirely. Below the name of the tree, select the DNA profile associated with the home person of the tree.

Next, the form asks: “If ALL FOUR of your grandparents are from the same place, enter that place here: (Otherwise, leave this blank).” This is helpful to admixture (ethnicity estimate) projects who can use this information to improve their projects for others. by “the same place,” the form means the same country.

Select “yes” to agree to the statement.

Next, click the “choose file” button and select the file you just downloaded from Ancestry, then click the “upload button.

Now your DNA kit will be associated with your GEDCOM so other testers will be able to see how they’re related to you. Doing this helps forensic genealogists, adoptees, and all sorts of other researchers!